This is a past event. Please join us for Web Summer Camp this year.

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4th to 7th September 2013, Elaphusa Hotel, Bol, Croatia


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If you are just beginning to learn eZ Publish or have very limited experience which you want to broaden, this is the track for you.

We will first explain basic Symfony stuff (base for eZ ver 5), then we will cover general eZ concepts and administration and afterwards give a real hands-on with a simple use case.   

If you are an experienced eZ Publish developer and you have some basic knowledge about eZ Publish 5, this is the track for you. 

From very advanced stuff with eZ version 4 stack to deeper insights with the new eZ Publish 5 stack directly from eZ Engineering and experienced eZ gurus.   

If you are a PHP developer and want to learn the the best PHP framework at the moment, this is the track for you.

Starting with Symfony basics, slowly increasing the level and ending up with the cutting edge development practices. 


All 3 tracks will be open for switching. What should be interesting for lot of people are these alternative routes:

  • I know eZ and Symfony basics but don't know much about eZ version 5 - go to eZ track first day, then switch to basic track
  • I know something about eZ version 5 and don't want to learn eZ version 4 anymore - go to Symfony track first day, then switch to eZ track

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After 3 full days of workshops a leisure day should be a well deserved reward. And what could be better during summer than a boat trip to discover nice beaches and lovely old towns. This year we are visiting Vrboska and Jelsa on the Island of Hvar.


" team back from #ezsummercamp with lots of great experiences and new ideas. Big thanks to @ilukac, netgen and all sponsors."

Silver Solutions ‏@silver_berlin

"#ezsummercamp was great and Bol is beautiful! :) Good job @netgentweets crew & @ilukac for organising this event! #ezsummer"

Lucijan Blagonić ‏@lblagonic

"That's it for the #ezsummercamp ! Thank you to all the @netgentweets crew ! Croatia is one amazing place !"

Yannick Modah Gouez ‏@ymgouez

"End of the #ezsummercamp ! Very great conference !!"

Sébastien Morel ‏@Plopix

"Thanks everybody for this first #ezsummer camp ! Great workshop with cool guys in a nice place !"

S. Sobecki ‏@stephanesobecki

"Thanks for one of the best organized #ezpublish event of the last 10 years: #ezsummer"

Ekkehard Dörre ‏@ekkeD

"Back from #ezsummercamp and #bol, #croatia. Nice People, new experiences and really looking forward 2 next year!"

Jan-David Siegl ‏@JanSiegl

"Good Bye #ezsummer - i hope we see us all next year on the same place."

David Hohl ‏@fishme2010