This is a past event. Please join us for Web Summer Camp this year.

Summer Camp Venue

eZ Publish Summer Camp will be held in Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa in Bol, Croatia. 

Summertime and the living is eZ ;) We mean it in every sense - so why not take the summer camp where it naturally blends - to the coast! Our chosen location for eZ Summer Camp is the destination of Bol. It is a famous Croatian summer destination offering great conference conditions enveloped with an exceptional landmarks of nature - great beaches, old pine forests and incredible blue and clean Adriatic Sea! Because of its excellence and beauty the city of Bol was several times host of tennis WTA tour and it is exactly there where we will be hosting our first and special event!


Hotel Elaphusa 4*

IMPORTANT: After registering for the summer camp you will receive the information for booking the hotel under special prices!

  • 79€ for single room per night (B&B)
  • 59€ for double room per person per night (B&B)

The Hotel Elaphusa is a venue where all the conference activities will take place. It has lot of services oriented to leisure, wellness, conferences and sports and is located on the beach just a few minutes walk from an exceptional Croatian landmark and the most famous beach: Golden Horn (Zlatni rat). In your free time you can enjoy many additional services offered by hotel such are:

  • Indoor golf
  • Disco bowling
  • Inhouse pool with sea water
  • Outdoor pool with sea water
  • "Thalasso" wellness
  • Sport center
  • Tenis center & school (26. tennis courts!)

Check out the hotel web site here:

Hotel Bonaca 3*

IMPORTANT: After registering for the summer camp you will receive the information for booking the hotel under special prices!

  • 79€ for single room per night (ALL INCLUSIVE)
  • 59€ for double room per person per night (ALL INCLUSIVE)

Hotel Bonaca is an all inclusive hotel located next to the official hotel Elaphusa. It is a 3* hotel with nice and clean rooms located just next to the beach area. Together with hotel Elaphusa we recommend this hotel as our official hotel for stay. Of course, we also arranged for some special eZ Publish Summer Camp discount ;)

More info about hotel Bonaca.


  • Buffet breakfast (8-10 am), continental breakfast (10-12 am), lunch (12.30-14 pm) and dinner (6.30-9.30 pm)
  • Afternoon snacks (4-5.30 pm) and midnight snacks (10.30 pm-12 pm)


  • With meals: quality local white and red wine, decanted beer, water, soft drinks and juices
  • At the bars from 10 am - midnight: non-alcoholic and alcoholic local drinks, coffee, tea, Bonaca cocktail
  • Sports activities
  • All guests at the Bonaca Hotel have a 50% discount on tennis services
  • Tennis court (from 8 May – 1 hour per room and day)

Check out the hotel web site here: 

ez Summer Camp - Golden Horn

Golden Horn

Golden Horn (Zlatni rat)

Golden Horn is one of the most frequenlty used motives on Croatian post cards and with its unique look attracts visitors from all over the globe. It cuts the sea almost vertical, changes its shape and size according to winds and currents. The spot is excellent for windsurfing due to excellent micro location with constant and frequent wind

City of Bol

Bol is a typical Dalmatian town which used to be the home of fishermen and sailors but now is mostly oriented to tourism. What is very important is that Bol has a long standing history of making high-quality world class wines! 

How to get there

Most of you will take a plane. Your destination airport is in Split (SPU):

After landing you need to get to the Split harbor via bus or taxi (half an hour ride). From there you have 2 options:

  1. Direct speedboat connection to Bol at 4pm -
  2. Regular ferry connection to Supetar, Brač  (every half an hour) -

We will organize transportation from Supetar to Bol for all attendees who will miss the speedboat at 4pm. If you get to Split too early, we recommend to spend some time in Split and use the speedboat connection. Contact us freely if you will need any help with your travel.

How to get back

Again, there are two ways you can get off the island and go to Split.

  1. Direct speedboat connection from Bol (Saturday @ 6.25a.m., Sunday @ 7.25a.m. -
  2. Regular ferry connection from Supetar (Brač) to Split  (every half an hour) -

TRAVEL TIP: If you must fly home Saturday then early speedboat connection is your best option BUT you will miss the BOAT TRIP and you do not want to miss the BOAT TRIP! There is an option to catch a late flight back (after 21.00) and go to the boat trip, but it could be a bit expensive due to unstable bus connections with the other side of the island (you would need to use a cab). So if you don't want to have a hectic Saturday night better book your flight on Sunday after 10:00a.m. :) 

ez Summer Camp - Hotel Elaphusa

Hotel Elaphusa

Hotel Elaphusa - Tavern

Hotel Elaphusa - Tavern