This is a past event. Please join us for Web Summer Camp this year.

Workshop:  Client side rock & roll with eZ Publish 5

Learn how to build modern web applications using eZ Publish 5’s REST API and HTML5. Long gone is the time where javascript was something you sprinkled on top of your web application/web page, more and more javascript is required to deliver a satisfactory user experience.

You will gain hands on experience in building a javascript application on top of eZ Publish 5, an application that is well architected, performant, sexy and maintainable. We will cover everything from the basics to advanced themes in order to demystify javascript development and the eZ Publish REST API: 1. JavaScript fundamentals 2. Introducing the eZ Publish REST API 3. Introduction to MV* in JavaScript 4. Setting up a JavaScript toolchain 5. Introduction to handling JavaScript dependencies 6. Finally we will build a small application * An application for proposing and voting on ideas * Required existing knowledge: You need to know basic javascript syntax and semantics, and programming in general. A VM for development will be provided.