This is a past event. Please join us for Web Summer Camp this year.

Workshop:  Symfony2 introduction

This workshop will introduce Symfony2 framework to attendees. It is for anyone with no or only minimal knowledge of Symfony2. 

  • Let's Start - The Basics:
    Starting a project from scratch, bundle creation, routes
  • Doctrine 2 (ORM):
    Configuration, creating entities, custom queries using repositories, lifecycle callbacks….
  • Forms:
    Creating a basic form
  • Templating:
    Twig! Ftw!
  • Caching:
    Using the Symfony2 HTTP reverse proxy for caching.
  • Assetic:
    Include stylesheets and Javascript files in your application, run them through filters (e.g. LESS, SASS, etc), combine them into a single file and compile them.
  • Imagine and FosUserBundle (optional): 
    Using the AvalancheImagineBundle and FosUserBundle. You will love it! :)
  • Security (optional):
    Basics of security in Symfony2 or how secure your web app with Symfony2?